Beyond Generation Cake

Vegan/ Vegetarian Cooking Blogs and Websites

Post Punk Kitchen

Rantings of an Amateur Chef (This includes all sorts of recipes, not just vegan and vegetarian.)

Lone Star Plate ( A guide to veg*n eating in Texas.)

Vegan Crunk

Vegetarian Faerie in the Kitchen

Down Home Vegan

The Kind Life

Plant-Powered Kitchen


Savvy Vegetarian

PETA Recipes (There is a special section just for recipes that doesn’t feature the animal cruelty pictures, but be warned if you explore the rest of the site.)

Vegan Appetite

Barnivore ( A list of vegan wines, beers, and liquors. Includes which brands are decidedly not vegan.)

Thrifty Veggie Mama (Cooking Veg*n on a budget. Great meal plans!)

Parenting/ Kids

Brain, Child (Online site for my favorite parenting magazine.)

Mess for Less (Great activities for kids from a mom of three.)

Rage Against the Minivan

People I Want to Punch in the Throat (Funniest mommy blog EV-ER.)


Herb ‘N Organics (Cleaning supplies that are eco friendly. I especially love the Arctic Blast spray, Pet Shampoo, and Shanti room spray.)

Soulful Journals (Guided journals to help gain insight and peace of mind.)

Ethical Ocean (Being approved for membership might take a few days, but it’s worth it for this bevy of eco friendly products and fashions.)

The Hunger Site (Pick your cause and order lovely, affordable, and unique things for your entire family. Part of the proceeds will go to help the cause you select, including veterans, animals, literacy, the rainforest, or breast cancer.)

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