About Generation Cake & Amber Kelly-Anderson

A look at education, fashion, food, writing, literature, parenthood, and the functionality of being part of an unlabeled generation, Generation Cake is the blog about having your fabulous cake and bloody well eating it too.


Photo by Amy Cerka

Amber Kelly-Anderson received her undergraduate degree in Theatre from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and her master’s degree in English from Sul Ross State University. She currently teaches composition, literature, creative writing, and history at Howard College. Amber lives in Texas with her husband, two children, and three animals (because she will end up divorced if she gets a fourth).

She enjoys punk band t-shirts, the writings of Margaret Atwood, and roasted corn salsa. When she grows up she wants to be Patti Smith.

 Follow @AkellyAnderson. For inquiries regarding guest posts or other work, please email amberkellyanderson AT gmail DOT com.

For more, enjoy an interview with me at The Observer about my work at Ploughshares.


Regular Contributor (click on the logo to be redirected to my articles):


My monthly articles on writing and literature.


I live out my childhood fantasy of reviewing movies.

Essays and Creative Non-Fiction:

“The Elephant Maker,” Brain, Child, coming Summer 2013. Print.

“The Saffron Rabbit,” The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2013, Traveler’s Tales, coming Summer 2013. Print.

“The Saffron Rabbit,” Edited. Roots: Where Food Comes From & Where It Takes Us, Open Road, coming June 2013.


“Friendships Forged in Tea,” Sprout Issue 16. Persistent Green, February 2013.

The Monkey of Versailles,” Writers Haven Issue 8, February 2013.

bwtw2012_s“A True Man,” The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2012, Traveler’s Tales, July 2012. Print.

Fiction and Poetry:

“Scorns of Time,” Fiction, Whispering Prairie Press, coming November 2013.

“Slice,” Poetry, Whispering Prairie Press, coming November 2013.

“Rarely is the World,” Poetry, Sincerely, Fiction, October 2012.

“Grausam,” Fiction, Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, Fall 2012.


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