The Last One on the List

Last Friday marked the end of another year for me. Although I have a summer of online teaching, reading and writing, and program review ahead of me, for now the tide of never ending responsibility is ebbing. Since my kids are still in school, today I have the pleasure of time to myself. In taking stock, I realize I have let myself sink to the bottom of my list of important things. My professional life, while certainly an important part of me, has overrun the rest. What has suffered is my mental and physical health. Bottom line? I’m burnt out.

Beauty may be only skin deep, but health and well-being manifest in the physical in addition to the mental. Case in point, my high levels of stress and poor eating habits have caused my face to break out. My muscles ache and my digestive system feels off. I need to reboot. Therefore, the first order of business is to return to the eating habits my body needs–simple, unprocessed foods, water, actually sitting down to put things in my mouth. Physically I crave walking, which has always been a reprieve for my body and mind. And mentally, well, the best cure for me is reading.

I hate that I let myself get to this point, that I become so consumed with work and stress that I can’t stop and help myself. Perhaps because of the nature of the academic year, I feel like I need to ride out the semester and pick up the pieces later. What a triumph it would be to balance my personal needs with all of the other elements of my life. Here’s hoping one day I figure it out. Until then, I’ll take my summer reboots.

Excuse my brevity; I have a border collie in need of a walk and a book that won’t read itself.



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