Five Things that Rocked April 28 – May 4

  1. It would have been enough that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played for the Lakers and is the leading NBA scorer of all times. But then he stayed loyal to the Lakers, working as their assistant coach. He even made some people unhappy when he rightly criticized the NBA for taking players straight out of high school instead having them complete four years of college. He’s even in a Bruce Lee movie (granted a terrible Bruce Lee movie). Now he has made himself a rock star of epic proportions by writing an article for The Huffington Post (swoon) over the The Real Housewives franchise that appropriately references hubris and the unreliable narrator. Love times a billion.
  2. Claire Messud’s response to the implied sexism of a question about the likability of her main character. Fantastic.
  3. This letter to moms. I’ll admit I teared up.
  4. Bookriot’s guide to summer book-based movies.
  5. Buzzfeed showing some redhead love. Sunscreen for everyone!



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