Q is for Quirks

Yesterday I vented my pet peeves; today, I celebrate weirdness. People are strange animals, ripe with little twists and turns that make them unique. These quirks can be annoying I’m sure, but they are also what makes us unique. So I’ll start my raising the curtain and showing off my of my oddities. For the sake of brevity, I’ll keep it to just eight. Only the first two of these are done on purpose–the others are compulsions that I don’t realize I’m doing until it is pointed out to me. My friends and family can confirm that these are just the tip of the massive ice burg of weird.

  1. When I watch movies on DVD/Blue Ray, I like to watch the trailer first because it gets me more excited to see the movie, even if I’ve already seen it.
  2. For a long time I thought I was psychic because I could guess what song would be on the radio. Now I have a feeling it is just that radio stations overplay songs.
  3. I have to wash my hands after I brush my teeth.
  4. When I drive under a yellow light, I kiss my hand and slap the roof of my car.
  5. During a lecture, when I’m trying to think of what I want to talk about next, I flick the end of my nose with the crook of my right index finger.
  6. When I am tired and my brain needs to rest, I make a “meep” noise. My college roommate used to refer to it has my powering down noise.
  7. I hate hate hate paper straw wrappers. They gross me out.
  8. My glasses are always slightly crooked, which means either my face is crooked or one ear is higher than the other.


What are your quirks, my dear readers? I’d love to know.



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One thought on “Q is for Quirks

  1. Oh, I can’t think of too many quirks or pet peeves at the moment. But you’re right. We are an incredible species!

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