Vanishing Disney

Growing up, I didn’t watch network TV that often. We didn’t have cable at home, so my mom and I watched a videos of old movies from my mom’s formative years. (This is why I never saw The Breakfast Club, but I can quote films like Some Like It Hot and Pillow Talk.) I went to my grandparents, I was allowed to watch the just launched Disney Channel. In their back bedroom I watched all of the original Mickey Mouse Club (Annette, not Britney), most of the movies from the studio days (I had a crush on Dean Jones), and all of the old school Disney cartoons (Ferdinand = LOVE). I watched reruns of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Disney (and the upgrade, Wonderful World of Color). There were the short movies, the series like Skip and Marty, and even those True-Life Adventures like The Living Desert (I would kill to have that on DVD). I loved them all and those are the things that sculpted my childhood, much to my husband’s frustration when he realizes I didn’t grow up watching She-Ra.

Of course that’s all changed now–everything is comedies starring kids who will eventually be on Dancing With the Stars or tabloid fodder as they attempt to break free from the image that won them fans to begin with. During college when I stayed at my grandparents, I would occasionally catch Vault Disney where they would replay the earlier stuff. Now I don’t even think they do that. Some of the stuff can be bought on DVD, but I miss stumbling across it.

One of the things I miss most is DTV. It was like MTV but with Disney cartoons, so basically pure awesome. I learned the words to a number of popular songs because they were on DTV. My hands-down favorite was “Kiss on My List” by Hall and Oates. I actually picture the DTV video when I hear the song, which happens to be one of my favorite songs (it was my husband’s ringtone for a time). Imagine my delight when I found it on Youtube! So enjoy some DTV fun on this Friday. I know I will.

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