Five Things that Rocked March 17-23

1. This post by Rebecca Makkai on what not to ask writers at readings. Considering that I am attending an evening with the center of my writing universe, Margaret Atwood, in roughly two months, I love the tips. Truth be told though, I’m probably just going to wig out like a first American trip Beatles fan, clawing my face and sobbing. (Writers: The Ploughshares Emerging Writers Contest ends April 2. Enter now!)

2. My cat may have her own following where she misinterprets Edith Wharton and tells our Border Collie she’s the next chapter of death. Read about her here.

3. This Tweet from my Ploughshares buddy, A.J. Kandathil. If you haven’t checked out her posts on television connected with writing, you kinda suck. Go do it now, then follow her blog. It makes kittens do that cute kneading thing.


3. Blogger Brittany Gibbons is wearing a bikini on the internet. It’s fantastic. Go see why.

4. Amanda Fall. Do I need to say more than that? Her interview, Part 1 and Part 2, gave a little peek behind the creative wonder of her world, in particular Sprout. She’s a big deal. The end.



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