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It has become the norm that I round up all my writing in various places and favorite developments in writing on the Saturday Things that Rocked This Week Post; however, the world has smiled on me this week and there are two many to be contained in five short shout outs.

For instance, Margaret Atwood announced the completion of her MaddAddam trilogy, just titled MaddAddam, will be published in the US on September 3. Be still my heart. After Blind Assassin, Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood are my favorite of her books. Seeing her speak in May could cause me to go into cardiac arrest from glee and expectation. I kid not; when I think too much about it, I have trouble sitting still.

While nothing can eclipse that, there were a number of great articles for writers both on Ploughshares and other places. Kate Flaherty’s cerebral look at The Who coupled with The Reenactments gives new context for both the album of her youth and Nick Flynn’s recently released memoir. David Sedaris and Dave Eggers both wrote books on Anthropomorphism. Not sure how to feel about that? Let Ali Shapiro talk you through it and you’ll be feeling intrigued (as I was). And although it’s an older post, as both an essay writer and a professor who is often asked to help with college admission essays, I found Phillip Lopate’s NYT Draft essay thought provoking.

Earlier this week I was interviewed by Glen Aaron for my local newspaper about my work with Ploughshares. While the article is forthcoming, Aaron profiled me on his blog (and treated me to a wonderful Cafe Americano). Wednesday as I was talking about rejection here, I was giving a crash course in writing tips over on The Baraza. Yesterday, I received word that an essay of mine will be in a forthcoming book, although I am unable to give full-details at this point.

Finally, this morning I returned to Ploughshares with the second part of my cowboy seriesStop by to see how Owen Wister created cowboys and why I won’t mess with Larry McMurtry (and neither should you).

My spring break has been wonderfully lush with words. How about yours?



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