Little Love Sprouts

Yesterday a five-year-old boy asked a little girl in his Kindergarten reading group to be his girlfriend. The little girl said yes even though, as she would later reveal to her parents, she doesn’t know what it means. But she likes him and he’s nice to her. He offered her part of his cookie. Young love has sprouted.

My daughter has a boyfriend.

Tired of “Fine” as her answer when I ask her how school was each day, I started asking Lili for the best, worst, and funniest things that happen each day. Somehow these unlock the key to her life. Her budding romance was revealed under the funniest thing. She was a bit shy when she told me, as if she wasn’t quite sure what to make of her new label. (Later, she asked me if when she’s graduated from college and has a job with healthy insurance she can marry her boyfriend. Word cannot express how much I loved hearing her say that in complete seriousness.)

Her father asked her how she felt about it in a patient, interested way that made her feel grown up, and we all said it was nice to make new kinds of friends. What more can you say at this age? It’s sweet and innocent and adorable. If it’s still going on when I pick her up today, all the better.

Speaking of sprouting friendships, I am one of the authors lucky enough to be featured in this month’s issue of Sprout. The theme is friendship and I have an essay talking about some of my best friends, as well as a brief interview about my thoughts on friendship. Please take a moment to check it out. Sprout is a colorful and inspiring publication that always brings a smile to my face. Even the sarcastic need to remember that life is good.



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One thought on “Little Love Sprouts

  1. Aw….what a smart girl waiting until after college and a career!! 🙂 Love hearing that! Kindergarten boyfriends are the best. I’m actually still friends with mine. Our “relationship” was over by the 1st grade, but we remained friends through high school, college, and post-college. He even works in a vegan restaurant! But he isn’t vegan …

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