Five Things that Rocked Feb. 3-9

Weekend blogging is tricky–without the need to kill time at work, random readers tend to be down. So for a new feature, I’ll try a Saturday wrap up of things that made my week a little snappier.

  1. WildflowersThis article on Buzzfeed about why Texas is the bee’s knees. Combine 4 with 10 and your life is just a little better, ya’ll. (Bonus points if you skip a pep rally to procure 4 and 10 from a place down the road from your high school with a hand painted sign.)
  2. Working on an upcoming publication with crazy cool editor (more details to come).
  3. Getting to rant about my love/hate relationship with The Following on The Baraza. Also? Liv White’s fab post on Project 55.
  4. This Ploughshares post by Rebecca Makkai linking two of my favorite things in life: writing and reality television, followed closely by this Liz Lemon themed post from A.J. Kandathil. I really want to read a short story about a bee keeping janitor now. (If you aren’t already reading the Ploughshares blog, start today. My first post goes up February 22 and I’m gonna hound you all to check it out, so you might as well give in.)
  5. Scheduling a visit to see my gal pal Mitzi. On the schedule? My first ever Texas VegFest. Expect a full report of all the vegetarian and vegan festivities as they go down in Austin this April.



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