BlogHer Call for Food Writing!

In lieu of my normal Vegan Chow Down Recipe and Review, today I wanted to spread the word to all the fab femme foodie folks out there who occasionally stop by. From BlogHer:

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! Yes, that’s right: BlogHer is announcing its next e-book project, in partnership with Open Road Media! ROOTS: Where Food Comes From & Where It Takes Us. We invite you to submit your post for publication, and be a part of this delicious journey to places familiar and far-flung!

canned foodCredit Image: on Flickr


  • FAMILY: Your personal roots and traditions
  • LOCAL: Discovering the foodways where you live
  • HISTORY: Cooking’s roots and culinary history
  • TRAVEL: Exploring other cultures through food

What We’re Looking For

This book will not be a cookbook — though we expect to publish a handful or so of fine recipes. It’s more a love story about food, a collection of great writing, thinking and photography about the roots of specific meals, the memories that food triggers, what is preserved about a culture in its recipes, how food and cooking are tied to travels, as well as the roots we call home.

The Particulars

  • Entries will be chosen for publication by the BlogHer editorial team. We will pay $50 for each accepted post.
  • Submissions can NOT be recipes alone. If you want to submit a recipe, it is because it tells a “roots” story related to one of the above topic areas, and we ask that you include a headnote or accompanying text of at least 250 words. Recipe submissions that don’t meet this requirement will not be considered.
  • When you submit the piece, please include the category name (i.e. Family, Local, History, Travel) along with the title. We may change categories based on the total submissions we receive, but it will help us know how to think about your piece.
  • You must be the copyright holder (i.e. writer or artist) of all works you submit. Feel free to submit as many works as you like.
  • You can create something new to submit, or send us something you’ve already run on your blog, or a hybrid.
  • It’s likely that posts will be edited for the book, so you’ll hear from us to work together on the edits if we pick your submission.We will give notice regarding submissions’ acceptance/decline on or before March 8.
  • Deadline for submission: Midnight, February 11

Submit Now!

For more information and to submit click HERE. Hope to see some of my favorite food writers turn up in the pages of the exciting book!




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