Why Can’t I Be Jessica?

Weeks like this I desperately miss public transportation. As an undergrad in NYC, I spent a large amount of time on the subway, commuting to internships and classes, going out with friends, or sometimes just exploring the city. When on my own, I would read a book (how I mastered reading standing up–a skill that is priceless as a parent). Now, when I make my 45 minutes drive home, I fantasize about being able to bury my head in a book rather than dodge trucks and read out of date bill boards.

Recently, I have been ever more frustrated because my car died and not in a “we can fix this” kind of way; it is a do not resuscitate way that has left me vehicle-free and driving my husband’s inherited SUV. I am grateful that we have the car, but I am so frustrated (as is my husband who is trying to find me a replacement) that so much of life requires independent transportation.

Times like this I wish not just to have public transportation; I wish I were Jessica Fletcher. Aside from her literary career, I would love to live and work in a town where my bicycle could be my primary mode of transportation (and when all else fails, friends to drive me elsewhere). I wish could honestly say, “I don’t know how to drive,” and could survive quite happily in that state for the rest of my life.

By this time next week I should have a replacement, slightly used car, procured for me by my hero husband with the help of my bestie Katie. And I will be grateful to have it. However, I will still continue to picture myself gliding through a picturesque town to the opening ditty of Murder, She Wrote.



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2 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Be Jessica?

  1. Thankfully, I can get to work from my house by bike in 30 min, most of the drive on bike lanes. But I’m such a wuss in cold weather. I’ll run outdoors in the winter, but I won’t bike until the temps reach the 70s. Good luck with the car problem!

    • Thanks, Miss B. I wish I could make it to work like that. Isn’t it funny how in the South we can’t handle any type of cold? It was in the 50s last week and I thought I was going to freeze to death.

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