Happy Birthday to Pooh, Too!

On January 18, 1882, Alan Alexander Milne, better known as A.A. Milne was born to school teacher parents. A writer from an early age, Milne was actually taught at one point by H.G. Wells. The Disnification of his creations have reinterpreted the tone and perspective of Winnie the Pooh; at least once everyone should read Winnie the Pooh as Milne intended. His wry humor shines through–Eeyore is less of a bummer and more of a smart ass.

While Milne would write dozens of other works, the insightful and sweet Pooh remains his literary glory. Why do we love Pooh? Perhaps it is his simplicity and innocence. What about his tolerance for nonsense? Maybe it’s his unabashed willingness to go after what he wants. Or, in the end, it might be the openness of his heart. Whatever the reason, thank you Mr. Milne for giving us a hero that doesn’t age or ever seem trite, even though he is perhaps one of the few sincere characters to do so. Happy Birthday.

Do you love Pooh? Sound off below!

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