Get Clean: One Week Post-Cleanse

Last Thursday marked the end of my first ever cleanse. Since that time, I have been repeatedly shocked by the changes that linger on even now that I’ve gone back to eating regular foods.


My original reason for doing the Kaeng Raeng cleanse was to get more energy. This past week I have felt much more energized, even though I started back to work which means really early mornings and long days.


Having given up sodas and coffee for the cleanse, I have not had them since, sipping hot green tea throughout the day and rooibos at bedtime, in between bottles of water. My skin has cleared up quite a bit and my body actually feels better.


Just because I am a vegan doesn’t mean I always eat healthy. I had gotten into a funk of eating super processed foods, skipping meals, or overeating. The cleanse has shrunk my appetite and helped me stop eating when I’m full. Mostly I eat a very small meal about every two hours when I’m actually hungry (not thirsty).

Weight Loss

The above elements would have been enough, but who doesn’t love dropping some weight? On the cleanse I actually lost 5 pounds; since then I have dropped an additional 4.5. No complaints there.

The effects of this cleanse have been so great, I am definitely planning on another one at the beginning of February. I have to say I never thought I could do a cleanse, but I did and I’m so glad. For those who think it is too horrible, try it in case you might like it. There are many fantastic cleanses you can do at home.

Finally, if you get a second, stop by Vegan Crunk and My Forks Over Knives Experiment to give some love to rad girls Bianca and Carrie as they eat vegan and clean.




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