Vegan Fare: Product Review of Dominex Egglplant Fries

My love of fries runs deep–potato, sweet potato, zucchini, green bean, carrot–any vegetable in a stick-like shape baked or fried will get my attention. Over the past couple of years I’ve noticed more restaurants offering sweet potato fries as an option, which is fab (I first fell in love with them in the late 90s at Zen Palate in NYC). At home I prefer oven baked fries, homemade or, when I find something interesting, from the freezer.

About a year ago the Dominex brand of frozen foods turned up alongside MorningStar Farms at my grocery store. We have sampled the meatballs and fries as those are the only vegan options available to us (they make cutlets, but our store doesn’t carry those). The parm bites look yum; since they aren’t diary free, I can’t tell you how they taste (they look like miniature Eggplant Parmesans).

Eggplant fries are by far my favorite. I usually keep a package of them in the freezer for low key nights when I need a side that’s kid friendly. The cooking time is short, but it is important that you flip them halfway through cooking so they cook evenly. Thankfully breading is not too thick and cooks up crisp (soggy fries are lame). And the eggplant has flavor without the bitterness that sometimes comes with this vegetable.

My kids adore these fries. Alex, my two-year-old, goes nuts for them; if I turn my head, he’ll snatch them off my plate and then pretend it was the dog. I’ve used them as a side for a number of dishes (like last week’s product review, Sophia’s Kitchen Breaded Shrimp, for fish & chips). Even though it says they are Italian style, the flavor isn’t so strong that you couldn’t enjoy them on the side of a really great veggie burger. They are also a good choice when you are craving a fried snack but don’t want to actually eat anything fried.

I know they have introduced  Veggie Fries. Fingers crossed those, plus the cutlets, find their way to my part of the world soon. Then I can continue to feed my fry craving without any guilt.



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