Get Clean: Review of the Kaeng Raeng Cleanse

Good morning! I am writing to you over a delicious piece of non-diary toast with a touch of vegan cream cheese. After not eating for over 72-hours, it feels good to be back on solids again. I didn’t really miss food until last night at about 7 pm. After I finished my last detox powder, I was full; however, my mind was ready for food. Thankfully I didn’t listen to it (or I would have been noshing on nachos at 10 pm).

Throughout the three day Kaeng Raeng cleanse, I stuck to the basic instructions: three detox drinks a day mixed with water, plus additional water. As I mentioned in my last post about this, I was fine the taste of the mixed up drinks and didn’t need to supplement with additional calories. It was nice to have something first thing in the morning (I’m terrible about skipping breakfast) rather than waiting until late afternoon to realize I’ve been running solely on coffee all day.

It was interesting to chart my hunger–3 pm I felt starved every day, even if I had just had the detox drink an hour or so before. My guess is that is because that is when my classes normally get out and I eat lunch, so my body is all Pavlovian. I curbed it by drinking lots of water.

In the end I dropped 5 pounds and I feel good. My struggles were just mental toward the end, but I never felt sick or weak. In fact, my energy has been up and I’ve been able to go about my normal life. I will probably do another cleanse next month, although I don’t know that I will buy this one just due to the price. Next time I may try a DIY options. I would like to do this one again, although I might eat some celery or an apple to trick my mind.



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