Generation Cake’s Energy Adventure

Welcome, welcome, 2013! Feels like a good year already, doesn’t it? Thanks for peering out from under your hangover to visit my little blog. This month’s theme is Energy. I hadn’t planned on doing the NaBloPoMo because January is looking pretty booked, but the topic intrigued me.

Energy–what does that even mean? The fuel to run things? The result of that fuel? Both? Neither? For me, energy is something I lack. Sure I do a number of things, but I’m always tired or burnt out, even when I’m rested. The question is, what should I do about that? This next month I’m going to attempt to find out.

First on my list of experiments in energy is a cleanse. I’ve never done one before–it always sounded so, I don’t know, live in a hut and eat grass (and there is also a heavy poop association). Plus, most of the ones I’ve found cost a small fortune. Finally, I was able to find one that seems reasonable, practical, and doesn’t require the sale of plasma to fund.

After much searching, I found this cleanse on XO Jane. The buzz words are what pulled me in–cheap and DIY. I love cheap and DIY! Who doesn’t? Tomorrow then, I hope to commence my XO Cleanse, as I’m calling it. Three days of simple, fresh juices and some cashew milk. Sounds too good to be good for you, right? Maybe not, but it doesn’t sound as bad as some of the weird stuff I found.

I’ll be honest–I don’t know how this is going to go over. That’s part of why I didn’t invest in anything prepackaged. However, if I can make it through this (and don’t strangle myself/cat/dog/husband/strangers), I may actually shell out for the Kaeng Raeng Beginner cleanse. The reviews are solid from a number of sites–I just don’t want to invest $70 in something I don’t know if I can finish.

What keeps your energy up, readers? Any cleanse tips for a novice?

Until tomorrow, when the cleanse commences . . .



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