Year of Dragon: Writing in Review

One of my great procrastination devices is reading writing blogs. Established writers, novices, amateurs, people with moderate success for questionable reasons, literary magazine blogs–I adore them. My most recent find (thanks to Unmanned Press on FB) is The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure. It’s well-written, touching, and a reminder of the almosts that can become the life of a writer.

There was a time when I thought my writer career would be an almost (and it still may end up that way); however, I have begun the practices that might keep the almost at bay.

Five Fantastic Things in 2012

  • Last summer I made a point of reading and writing every day. By the end the time autumn returned, I had a number of pieces ready for editing, as well as notes for future projects. This also made a habit of daily writing, even if it’s just a paragraph or two.
  • Increasing my Twitter awareness has made a significant impact. By following a selection of literary magazines and writers, I have been accorded several opportunities I would not have been aware of otherwise.
  • Contributing to other blogs like The Baraza and Cinefilles has allowed me to gain the skills of working with editors and collaborators while exploring my interests in pop culture and film.
  • In the past I have not sought out writing exercises (outside of the classroom) just for the sake of exercises. This year I embraced that challenge and although much of what resulted will never be seen by anyone but myself, the experience aided my discovery of something new about my writing that can be used in the future.
  • Finally, this year has seen the publication of several pieces in The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2012, Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, and Sincerely, Fiction. I am grateful to the editors of all of those publications for considering and accepting my work.

Five Fantastic Things Coming in 2013

  • Continued contribution to The Baraza and Cinefilles.
  • A one year stint blogging for Ploughshares.
  • Attending a Margaret Atwood lecture in May–my inner fan girl is about to explode about this one.
  • Hopefully adding to that publication list as there are several things currently under consideration and a number of new pieces about to commence the submission dance.
  • More writing–here, on Generation Cake, and in the literary world. Perhaps the the greatest joy, past and present, is getting to do what I love almost every day and have someone, even a small few, read it.


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