Count Down to Resolutions

While I’m still recovering from Christmas, the countdown to 2013 seems to have commenced. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress–everything is buzzing with the new year, be it plans for the last night of 2012 or plotting for the flow of 2013. It makes me tired. I just want to curl up for a week or two with some books and leftovers; the world, however, churns on.

My immediate quandaries include what, if anything, we’ll do for New Year’s Eve, who makes inexpensive but tasty vegan champagne, how I can get my son to stop attacking everything with the shark he received from Santa/WWF, and what my resolutions should be for the new year. The last one is tricky. I’ve gotten in the habit of making vague declarations that can neither be proved true or false when held up to scrutiny. It’s a way to tricking myself into believing I’ve accomplished something. Sometimes I have, which is nice, but more often I haven’t, which is a bit naughty of me (see? still in the Christmas mindset).

So what to resolute this coming year? Write more, exercise more, eat better, organize . . . those are realistic, but so predictable and droll. Instead, perhaps I should make a resolution to only eat green foods on Wednesdays. That could fit with eating better and would make my dining a more entertaining experience. Or perhaps I should walk about campus in sneakers with ankle weights on a la Working Girl, my heels tucked in my shoulder bag atop Norton’s Anthology of British Literature.

Over the next few days I’ll be mulling over creative resolutions to share in the new year. Any suggestions? What about you, Cakesters? What are your resolutions?



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