A Literati Wish List

Shopping for literature people is always such fun, perhaps because I am deluged with ideas of what I myself would love to find under my tree. My Christmas list this year is thick with literary goodies.

  1. The Round House. Louise Erdich’s “The Red Convertible” is one of the first stories I learned to teach well. Now a National Book Winner, I am itching to get my hands on her latest work.
  2. The Racketeer. I confess that the last time I read a John Grisham novel I could not legally drink. In junior high and high school I enjoyed his legal thrillers, but I did not buy into his attempts at Southern Literary Drama (see: A Painted House). Positive reviews and a return to legal form tempt me to pick up his latest release in hope for some page turning goodness.
  3. Building Stories. I’m not normally a fan of gimmicky books, but this graphic novel collection by Chris Ware seems witty and well-written. Who can turn that down?
  4. Tarantino XX 8 Film Collection. No, Tarantino is not technically a literary figure, but as a screen writer and director, his work speaks volumes. Pulp Fiction taught me about Modular narrative years before I delved into Madison Smartt Bell’s Narrative Design. (For more on another favorite Tarantino film of mine, see my recent Cinefilles review of Jackie Brown.)
  5. The Yellow Birds. I’m not normally a war reader; however, veteran Kevin Powers has written a book that merges his experience in the war with his poetic prowess.
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One thought on “A Literati Wish List

  1. Heather

    The Round House and The Yellow Birds are definitely on my list too.

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