Signs It’s Going to Be a Lovely Day

There are those days when you wake up and you can smell how much your day will suck. For me, those days happen more than the alternative: those rare days when something clues you in that, hot damn, it’s going to be a good day. Such as:

  1. You turn on your car radio and a classic Prince song is just beginning. Nothing like “Little Red Corvette” to kick things off.
  2. You somehow manage to balance concealer, powder, and foundation in the perfect storm to fake flawless skin.
  3. You find twenty bucks you forgot you stuffed in your pocket/purse/car.
  4. You actually have a moment while drinking your coffee where you taste it rather than chugging it to get on with the day.
  5. Your kids get up the first time you tell them to.
  6. You find something you forgot about but love in the back of your closet.
  7. Even better, you find something that was once too small but now fits.
  8. You catch your dog or cat still asleep with that cute scrunchy face thing.
  9. You get to see that amazing orange color just as the sun rises.
  10. You find yourself with 5 extra minutes before you take off running to just breathe.
  11. You remember to kiss the people you love for the day for real, not out of habit.

What are your signs of a good day, Cakesters?



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