In Times of Tragedy

Since the election earlier this month, my Facebook and news feeds have blown up with signs of pettiness–those gloating over victory, those calling fraud, and the most disappointing, those calling for secession. The last one indicates how little people know of history and the workings of government. It also indicates how even those we call friends can become divided.

Last night in my hometown, a group of wounded veterans and their families on route to a celebration were struck by a derailed train. Thus far four are dead and sixteen wounded. Today for the first time since November 6, I see my local friends and those who grew up here sharing prayers, thoughts, and grief. I get to read stories of the fantastic nurses and EMTs who were able to do their jobs and beyond. People are organizing food for the families and donating blood.

While I regret that it took this to stop all the biting commentary, it restores my faith in my friends and neighbors that we aren’t so caught up in our own crap that we can’t still come together.

As we enter the holiday season, I ask my readers to keep this in mind. The world is certainly a dark place. But it should not only be in times of grief that we come together. It should be to create times of hope.



PS. Because of health issues, I am unable to donate blood. If you are able, particularly those with type O, please go out and donate. Someone somewhere really needs it.

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