Just Push Play: Just Because

After two months of blogging every day, I realized I needed a break. Thus this week things have been quiet on Generation Cake. Behind the scenes, I’m working on the Novel in a Month project (which I’m talking about over on the other blog). My daughter’s private school has moved from being a thorn in my side to a possessed tree branch in my gut–when I have the strength, I’ll write about it. I’m preparing an exciting new endeavor which I cannot reveal too much about at this time, but will say is muey intrasante. The new Mumford and Sons is fantastic. Life is sweet.

For some reason this past week, I have had a couple of songs that I am just feeling to the max.

How weird is it that Madonna line dances (with a splash of hip hop) in this video? Or that the guys are break dancing and line dancing? It’s like Footloose by Madonna. Bonus points for her literally walking in place on the road to nowhere. I totally dig it. Even without the video, I love the baseline.


Margo’s voice + sad lyrics + low key melody = brilliant.


Without a doubt, this is my favorite Radiohead song EV-ER. I crave it. The video? Epically cryptic. What does he say?! What!? What!? My guess? The same thing Bill Murray says to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation. Obviously she takes it better than these people.



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