Paper Faces on Parade

I will always have a soft spot for The Phantom of the Opera because it was the first professional musical I ever attended. Sure I’d paid some visits to my community theatre, but viewing the touring company of Phantom was an entirely different experience. My souvenir t shirt with glow in the dark mask is still getting use.

One of my favorite scenes of the play is the masquarade. There is something so ridiculous about a musical spectacle celebrating a spectacle within that spectacle. On the back of yesterday’s “The Masque of the Red Death,” a tribute to the musical number which opens Act II seems apprapros since the Phantom attends dressed at the Red Death. Side note: I was such a theatre nerd that I had the making of Phantom book. In that book is talks about Michael Crawford being essentially blind descending the staircase in that scene due to the special contacts, layers of make up, and phantom mask he wore underneath the Red Death Mask.

From the 25th Anniversary production, I present one of my favorite theatrical scenes ever:

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One thought on “Paper Faces on Parade

  1. One of my favorites too. It’s a varitable orgy of sight and sound.

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