Age is an Illusion

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At what point in life did you stop trying to look older? At what point in life did you start trying to look younger?  If neither are true, talk about looking your age.

I stopped trying to look older about five years ago. Genetics and a fear of the sun have given me a face that looks younger than it is, which can be a good and bad thing. My first year of teaching I dressed a bit more subdued and severe so as to clearly identify myself as the professor in a room full of students who might be only four or five years younger, or in some cases much older.

After that first year I realized it didn’t matter if I looked older–it was my knowledge and teaching style that were important. The choice then wasn’t to attempt to look younger but to look like myself. Thus I went back to wearing Converse with dresses, band and literary t shirts, and painting my finger nails whatever color suits my fancy.

That being said, I started trying to take care of my skin (to prevent all of that aging stuff young girls fear) in college. It was probably due to being an acting major and having my appearance constantly scrutinized. This was the late 90s during the youth show boom and I knew that people in their late 20s were playing teenagers. It seemed important to keep my skin in good shape because that might be my future (thank goodness it wasn’t).

I still take care of my skin and I try to eat well, but I don’t try to look older or younger. I just want to look like me. Age is, after all, merely a state of mind.

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One thought on “Age is an Illusion

  1. Beautifully said!

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