Behind the Mask: Blogging October

BlogHer NaBloPoMo Prompt:

Monday, October 1, 2012
When you saw the word mask, was your first interpretation protection, covering up, persona, or performance?

A poorly kept secret is that once upon a time I was a theatre kid. I did my first community theater production at age 11, was a member of a youth performance troupe for seven years, and actually got a BFA in Acting from NYU’s Tish School of the Arts. Taking this information into account, my thoughts when I hear the word Mask go in a specific sequence.

Thought One: “Masquerade! Paper faces on parade.”
Fellow theatre kids are probably humming along now. Other reader are having a “What?” moment. It’s Phantom of the Opera. It’s awesome. I’ll explain in a future post.

Thought Two: Cher deserved at least an Oscar nomination for Mask.
She really did. Moonstruck was her consolation prize. Look it up.

Thought Three: David Bowie and Jennifer Connolly in this scene . . .

Thought Four: Superheroes
I’m married to a comic book fiend. However, his favorite superhero is Superman, one of the few who does not use a mask to hide his identity. Instead he uses glasses to make himself appear weaker.

Thought Five: The Photography of Diane Arbus 

Arbus is famous for her twin and freakshow works. Some of her pictures include people wearing masks, but I think some of the fascination with her works comes from the illusion of the unusual that masks normalcy.

These and many more elements of Mask will be explored just for you, my lovely readers. If you are interested in joining the October challenge, it’s open until October 5. Check here to sign up, view the prompts, and see what others are posting about.

What about you? What do you think of when you think of masks?





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