Just Push Play: Total Eclipse of the Heart

While the title may not have eyes in it, the song and video certainly do. As the lovely Bonnie Tyler is implored to “Turn around, Bright Eyes,” I usually think of Heston’s Planet of the Apes. Bonnie is a smart and fetching human–those ape scientists would totally dig her.

The video is spectacular in the way only an 80s video can be. Odd dance moves? Yes. Wind machine? Yes. John Woo birds? You betcha. There are also some questionable plot points, such as why Bonnie Tyler is wandering around an prep school, or why exactly some of the boys have glowing eyes. Perhaps they have entered the Avatar state?

All that aside, this is one of those songs that must be belted at top volume. Only my advanced powers of self-control have kept me from powering out “We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks!” while typing this. I have, however, sung the chorus quietly to myself. There was also some hair tossing–I’m only human.



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