I Spy: My Birthday Wish List (aka Cool Stuff I Dig)

I’m too old for a birthday wish list, right? What is the cut off for that?

Normally, I don’t even remember my birthday until someone reminds me the day before. Liliana was born four days before my birthday so the focus has been on her the past few years. For some reason this year I actually remember in advance. Which gets a girl to thinking . . .

  • The Casual VacancyA Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. Admit it, you’re just a little curious as to Rowling’s chops when writing for adults and not about wizards. This comes out at the end of September, just in time.




  • Designing Women on DVD, any season from 1 to 5. I don’t own any of these yet partly because I literally have every episode memorized, even the Delta/Jean-less years. Sometimes I will hear myself talking about birth control or pornography and realize that much of my world view is shaped by this show. I confounded my poor co-worker at lunch yesterday when he said his weekend plan was “Reading” and I cracked up because I could hear Annie Potts say, “When you have to read, you have to read.” (One million cool points if you can name the episode it’s from.) But I really miss the girls of Sugarbakers. They are like the sassy aunts who helped raise me.
  • This fantastic shirt my friend Mitzi found for me:

I aim to misbehave Tee

  • This sign that Amy Cerka, the talented creator of Generation Cake’s logo, found for me. It’s even my font and color!

Vintage Metal Art 'We Serve Good Cake' Decorative Tin Kitchen Sign

  • File:TheKinksVillageGreenPreservationSociety.jpgAnd finally, I would slap a monkey for The Kinks Village Green Preservation Society on vinyl. The last album by the original quartet, I have yet to find it even on CD. I’m hoping somewhere it still exist so I can enjoy it in its original glory.



No need for gift wrap unless you have a cool scarf laying around. If not, just keep reading, liking, and commenting. It’s a great gift to know people are reading about my little part of the world.



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