Just Push Play: Eyes Without a Face

One of my strange wishes is that Billy Idol would make an educational video about plagiarism. Then when my students plagiarize, I could show them the video and say, “See? Billy Idol gets it.”

Wedding Singer references aside, I do love some Billy Idol. “Dancing With Myself” is one of my favorite songs of all time. Although I do not derive the same joy from it, “Eyes Without a Face” also has a special place in my Best Music in the History of Life mixes. Part of the appeal might be that Billy actually sings more than shouts on the track. The lyrics are also, at least in a superficially 80s way, thoughtful. And it always helps to have a cheesy, Non Sequitur video to win my heart.

Happy Wednesday!




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3 thoughts on “Just Push Play: Eyes Without a Face

  1. A 100 million cool points for writing about Billy Idol!!

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