Superhero Sense

Today’s NaBloPoMo Prompt: Which sense is more important to you: vision or hearing?

The above prompt is an interesting one, although I generally don’t like closed questions. (My literary brain rejects things that can be answered in one word.)

DC’s Dare Devil is built around the idea that when deprived of one sense, the others will become heightened. In some ways I agree with this–our deaf pit bull has a fantastic sense of smell for a non-nose breed. But I think even when all the senses are in working order, people have one that is stronger than the others.

For me, my eyesight was okay for most of my life. I wore glasses only for movies and night driving. Following my first pregnancy, my eyes went off the rails wrong. I now wear (chic) glasses at all times. Without a doubt, my weakest sense is smell. Blame it on genetics or allergies, I can’t pick up scents the way other people do. My husband, on the other hand, has a super sensitive nose. He’s like a bloodhound without the wrinkles (but just as snugly).

The overachiever of my senses is my hearing, much to the dismay of my students. I can generally hear an under the breath comment from 40 paces. When working from memory, I usually pull the audio first, followed by texture, and then sight. I can recall conversations, down to the tone of voice, almost verbatim. (As a writer that’s a perk because it means I have reasonably good ear for dialogue.)

On the downside, my hearing is also highly sensitive. Too much noise or too loud of noise completely distracts me.

What about you, Cakesters? What is your superhero sense?



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