Last week I complained about those headache-inducing magic eye posters from the 90s. I am not, however, opposed to all optical illusions. Many of them I adore, in part because I grew up in a house that worshiped artist M.C. Escher. Like so many artists, Escher has now become a greeting card or a poster for a otherwise bare dorm room. But beyond the commercial exploitation, there lies a fascinating gallery.

Below is “Relativity” which happens to be my favorite Escher work (and I won’t pretend that it might not be in part because it is the inspiration of the climax of Labyrinth). Even though it’s been made fun of on Family Guy and is even in part of the WDW’s Haunted Mansion, it still draws me in each time I see it. My mind spirals into a myriad of directions, only a few of which play David Bowie in the background.

File:Escher's Relativity.jpg

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