I Spy: My Office

The offices at my college are none too shabby–most people have windows and enough space to accumulate junk. My first office was nicer than my mom’s at her college, and she’s been there almost twenty years. This fall, however, I moved into an office that is amazing even by our high office standards.

Part of it is the duo of windows that make it unnecessary to turn on the overheads most of the time. The high ceiling and soft green accent wall certainly don’t hurt anything. And I have been able to collect a few things over time that give it a little something extra. Many of these items are from friends and former students, making them even more special. People walk into my office and comment on how amazing it is. I act a little shy about it, but I know how great it is, especially in academia.

A view from the door. Desk and bookshelves came with the office, although I rearranged them.

Vintage banker’s lamp courtesy of an old friend.

On the bookshelf: Keep Calm postcards, antique Eiffel Tower, vintage books, a back scratcher someone made for me, and Lego Guggenheim.

Altered book.

Under computer stash of teas and vegan quick food.

Tea anyone? Electric tea kettle and cups for guests.

Diplomas (one much pricier than the other), Oscar Wilde quote, watercolor of Margaret Atwood, and the clock I got last year for doing my job well.

Cork board/mirror/hanger combo featuring postcards of writers, artists, and musicians I admire. (You can almost see my Lakers swag just above.)

Posters for the literature lover: Cervantes and Kerouac.

Perhaps the best part of the office is shelf upon shelf of literature. XO A

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