No Need for Visine: Home Remedy Eye Care

The cliche is that  putting cucumbers on tired, red, or irritated eyes is a cure all. It may work, but I don’t keep cucumbers in the house all the time and when we do have them, I’d rather make pickled cucumber salad. Instead, try the chamomile tea trick.

Make yourself a cup of hot chamomile tea using two tea bags. Remove the bags and let them cool while you sip the tea. Once the tea bags are cool to the touch, place one on each eye. Leave for twenty to thirty minutes.

This works for all sorts of eye irritations. I use it when my hay fever gets the better of me. Sipping the tea keeps me from rubbing my eyes and making them worse. For really bad attacks, I soak a wash cloth in the tea as well and drape it over my eyes. A friend of mine used the tea bags to sooth her eyes when they became irritated from wearing stage make up. Although we’ve never dealt with pink eye, I hear it is a great way to sooth that as well.

It is important to use chamomile because it is naturally soothing. Other tea might further inflame your eyes. It is one of those teas that can be easily purchased for little money at any grocery store.

Don’t keep tea around? Place two metal spoons in the freezer for about twenty minutes. Place them on your eyes. Ahhhh . . . relief.




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4 thoughts on “No Need for Visine: Home Remedy Eye Care

  1. This works great..My mom taught me this after seeing me on a visit and my eyes were all puffy etc. Home remedies are often the best!

  2. I’ve heard about teabags. Didn’t remember that it was chammomile specifically, though! Thanks for the tip. Stopping by from the NaBloPoMo blogroll. Have a great week!

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