Magic Eye Scam

People who were tweens or above in the 90s will probably remember that magic eye poster craze. Essentially, if you stare at the following long enough, it will become a pterodactyl or a Pippie LongStocking or a toaster or something like that.

Find it? Me neither. I can almost see some of them if I know what I’m looking for, then put my nose to the page and slowly pull back, but I always focus my eyes too quickly. So of course I think these things suck.

Seriously, these were a big deal for about a year. There were calendars, posters, books, screensavers. Kevin Smith made it into a plot point in Mallrats.Who thought of this as a great product to push on the masses?

More importantly, what was the appeal? The challenge? It couldn’t be the aesthetic–it looks like the test pattern you used to wake up to when you fell asleep on the couch.

Was it he superiority of those who could see them over those who could not, like some sort of eagle-eyed Sneetches? I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now, as proven a few weeks ago when my husband found a book of them someone gave him. We both laughed about it at first; ten minutes later we had headaches and still couldn’t see the stupid willow tree.

Bet there wasn’t even one there to begin with.

What about you, Cakesters? What novelty craze boggles your mind?



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4 thoughts on “Magic Eye Scam

  1. Samantha

    lol. I remember these. Wasn’t a fan but I could see them, and the one you have up there is in fact a skull and cross bones.

  2. nope

    its a skull and cross bones.. took me 10 seconds

  3. nope

    Use your Mobile phone, load the picture up, bring it close to your face, then slowly move it back. DO NOT refocus on the image. Also slightly cross your eyes= )

    Best o Luck

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