Practical Crafts: Lend Me Your Ears

Making upcycled jewelry is pretty addictive. I find myself looking at things around the house and picturing them reconfigured into various baubles. My mother recently asked me to throw out her old, broken VCR; ten minutes later she caught me next to the trashcan on her porch, prying open the VCR with my bare hands, searching for gears and wires to salvage. She just shook her head and went back inside.

I love a dangle earring, but having a variety of fun earrings can get pricey, even if they are costume. To fill my need for fabulous ears, I have been constructing a variety of different styles.

The Safety Dance

Safety pin earrings might conjure visions of early 1980s London and the Sex Pistols. Mine aren’t quite that vibe. These are made from the small safety pins, jump rings, and beads.

For those not feeling the bead vibe, these are just safety pins and jump rings.

Oh Snap

I have a drawer full of snaps, buttons, hooks, eyes, and other closures that have long since lost touch with their garments. Thankfully they can find love again as earrings. The pair on the right features two sizes of snaps, tiny glass beads off of a shirt, and jump rings. For the silver pair, I used jump rings, beads, and eyes.


Nifty Gifty

My daughter loves gift card bracelets; I’m digging the earrings. I traced a couple of circles on a Starbucks card, cut them out, and then filed the edges with an emery board to cover up my poor cutting skills. A few punched holes and jump rings later, here’s the result:

Don’t hate my ears because they’re beautiful (and eco-chic). Sadly, this week marks the departure of the Practical Crafts weekly feature for the time being. To everything turn and for Generation Cake, the return of the school year marks a new season. Next week will see a new look, new features, and a few surprises. Become a Cakester so you won’t miss a thing.




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