Practical Crafts: Bedeck Your Neck

This morning my daughter Liliana told me, “Do you know that if you make stuff you are an artist? We’re artists, Mommy.” While that might be stretching the term, we have become quite the upcycling crafty-bees. We have so many necklaces we’ve made over the past few weeks, there was no way they would fit into one post. So here are Liliana’s, Generation Cake’s fashion editor, picks from our upcycled necklace collection.

Pop Top Gone Vintage

Liliana actually designed this piece. We utilized the same technique to weave the pop tops that was used on the cuff from our bracelet post except this time we used ribbon from a nightgown and vintage buttons. The final product is sweet and I will probably make another piece like it when we get more pop tops.





For whatever reason, this cut off! The braided strands fall much longer.



Twisty Tee Shirts

There are so many things to be done with tee shirt strips. This picture is actually three separate necklaces: two braided and one macrame choker. Liliana is wearing on of the braided pieces doubled. We’ve had a blast braiding and twisting with strands from this color pallat which can now be worn in dozens of combinations. The macrame choker also makes a great hairband (I’m wearing one in hunter green as I type this).

Another thing that’s fun is to cut the hem on the sleeves and bottom of the shirt into 3/4 inch to 1 inch stripes and string them on a strand of tee shirt to make this sweet ruffles necklace.









The final selection from fashion director Liliana is this woven ribbon necklace. Using this technique, I wove two different patterned ribbons together and then attached closures on each end. We’ve done some other similar necklaces with longer chains and bead details.








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