Practical Crafts: Princess Ceiling Canopy

As I mentioned a few weeks back, we’re upgrading my daughter’s room to a big girl room, purchasing some things and making others. One of the easiest, yet most dramatic elements, is the princess canopy.

Retail these items range from $35 to $150 new.

Ours may not be as fancy, but since it was made from stuff around the house, it was free.

How We Did It:

I was planning my wedding around the time our Joann’s Fabric went out of business, so at the time my mom and I bought tons of special occasion fabrics for twenty-five to fifty cents a yard, including the polka dot lace. Although I did use it for an overlay on a skit I wore to my bridal tea, I still had tons left. I wanted lots of length, so I cut two 80 inch panels (which turned out to be basically cutting the fabric in half). This could be done with lace curtains if they were long enough.

Next I took an old light weight basket we had and wove some ribbon through it to spice it up. I anchored a piece of ribbon in two spots on the bottom outside of the basket to make a way to hang it. To attach the actual lace, I wanted something super lightweight that wouldn’t ruin the fabric. So I took paperclips and looped them through the lace (almost like traditional metal drape hooks). I then hooked the paperclips on the inside of the basket. This allowed me to gather the fabric without worrying about the weight and permanence of glue.

Ribbon woven basket hooked with lace.

Overall, I think the effect turned out well without us paying for something she’ll outgrow or break.

Fit for a princess (or in this case, my daughter).



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