Practical Crafts: Bracelet Bonanza

Once upon a time not so long ago, I shared my realization that my daughter, Liliana, is essentially a tiny Cyndi Lauper. That still holds true as evidenced by her love of jewelry. The more, the better, in her opinion. Thus she and I have become upcycling jewelry makers. After finding some inspiration online, we ransacked the house for supplies. The result has been fun, funky, and totally addictive. We’ve done so much that I can’t share it all in single post. Therefore, this week we present a sampling of our bracelet collection (with a ring thrown in). Please keep in mind that we did these with no jewelry making supplies. The only thing that was purchased was the colored elastic cord we found on clearance a Michaels.

From Left to Right:
Gift Card Cuff
Cable Wrap Bracelet
Pop Top Rainbow Bracelet
Cable Wrap Ring

How We Did It

Gift Card Cuff: Inspired by this tutorial, we used two flower gift cards from Target (they will just give you the cards if you ask–they don’t have to have a balance on them). She’s a little fuzzy on the timing in the oven; I found it took about 1 minute and 45 seconds to get the plastic melted. I molded it a bit smaller for Liliana’s wrist, punched holes in the cooled card, and attached it with the purchased elastic. We discussed putting some sparkle on it, but Lili liked it plain. We’ll definitely use this method again because there are so many options.

Cable Wrap Bracelet/ Cable Wrap Ring: Since we got rid of our landline and got Wifi, we’ve had no use for those old cords. So I slit them open with a craft knife and pulled out the colorful wires inside. I used to love making wrapped bracelets when I was a kid. Liliana had a great time doing this project using cable cord wires. We actually didn’t use the leather; we just wrapped the cables around another cable. Instead of a button, we used a plastic star bead from one of Liliana’s school projects. I did the ring in a similar way but used a button to create a closure and ‘pearl’ look.

Pop Top Rainbow Bracelet: This project we came up with on our own and it was super simple. I took a spare piece of ribbon and doubled it so there was a loop at one end, making sure it wrapped around Liliana’s wrist one and a half times. She wove the ribbon through some soda can pop tops and then I knotted it at the end and added a plastic bead similar to the one used in the cable bracelet for a closure. Super simple and cute.

From Left to Right:
Pop Top Cuff
Macrame Bottle Cap and Cable Bracelet
Spiral Cable Bracelet

How We Did It

Pop Top Cuff: The directions on this tutorial are super easy to follow. I sprayed the pop tops with some pale gold paint from another project before I wove them using the purchased elastic.

Macrame Bottle Cap and Cable Bracelet: Macrame is always fun for me, so this bracelet is a personal favorite. I followed this guide, doing three knots and then adding beads from a broken necklace. I centered a bottle cap with punched holes. Instead of doing the sliding closure, I just did a loop and knotted the wires when I was done. Because it’s made of wires, the bracelet molds closed beautifully.

Spiral Cable Bracelet:Made from the internal wires of a phone cord, these instructions are simple to follow and the end result is cool. As with all the macrame stuff I did, I just anchored the top of the bracelet to a piece of cardboard with a binder clip to leave my hands free to work.


What do you think, Cakesters? What things are lying around your house that could have a new life?
Would you like to see more of our mad jewelry-making binge?



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