The Trickster

As a lover of archetypes, both in my classroom and in my writing, this is an excellent explication of the Trickster. One thing that is interesting is that it hints that the Shadow and Trickster archetypes are blended (and they certainly can be), something I believe isn’t always true. My masters thesis included the issue of Mordred’s casting in Arthurian Lore: Trickster (The Once and Future King), Villain (Morte D’Arthur), or Shadow (Mists of Avalon)? Or if you’re reading Mary Stewart, ill-fated hero. Interesting food for thought.

Fabulous Realms

The Trickster is an unpredictable and irrepressible figure found in stories all over the world. A paradox, the Trickster can be both heroic and villainous, funny yet dark, and wily but vain. Sometimes called the Lord of Misrule, the Trickster is a crosser of boundaries, a violator of rules and an agent of change. The Trickster can be male or female, human or animal, mortal or god – Coyote, Anansi, Brer Rabbit, Pan, Hanuman, and Loki are all characters who demonstrate that such figures are staples of mythology. The Trickster lives in between realities, bound by his own code of ethics but indifferent to outside laws. He riddles, tricks and slips through cracks. He feels compelled to subvert the old order to craft new possibilities – after all, for every rule, there is someone who cannot abide it. Many may despise the Trickster, for he is an outlaw to some…

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