Mini Meditation: Travel Sized Piece of Mind

Meditation is one of those things that sounds easy enough when described but actually proves challenging, especially if you have a noisy mind, like mine. Even more difficult than quieting the internal noise can be finding a place and time where the external noise is minimal. As a mother of two young children, that place and time is like a place where it constantly rains and there are abundant trees: I know it exists but it’s so far removed from my circumstances it might as well be where the unicorns live.

A few weeks ago I was paging through The Holistic Herbal Directory, this little book I got in the clearance section of Barnes and Noble when I was in college. While I was actually looking for herbal remedies for fatigue, what I came across was far more valuable:

Simple meditation techniques can help calm the mind and may be performed at any time and anywhere: curl the corners of the mouth into a half-smile, focus on the smile, and breathe deeply four times. Repeat once or twice a day–wherever you happen to be.

It’s so simple it almost seems silly. However, I have found this basic activity centers me (even when my kinds are like wild animals). I love that the core of it is smiling. So many of us forget to to do that, especially for ourselves.

Take a moment to smile for yourself this week, Cakesters, and see how it feels.



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