Exit the Craftsman: A Tribute to Ray Bradbury

My apologies for this delayed post–last week became more hectic than I anticipated.

The passing of Ray Bradbury was a great loss for the literary world. In a previous post I had discussed the beauty of his essay “How to Keep and Feed a Muse.” For me, reading this text is one of my go to things for creative rejuvenation, like listening to Beck. Not to say there is any connection between these two, but for me I am deeply inspired by artists who love what they do and blend the lines of commercial with innovative.

One of the brilliant gifts Bradbury possessed was taking a often overlooked genre, Science Fiction, and elevating it to new heights, namely literature. I was in junior high when I read The Martian Chronicles. Never one for stories about other planets, I put off reading it until the night before it was due for class. That worked out in my favor because as soon as I started reading it, I couldn’t stop.

Shortly after Bradbury’s death was announced, author Christopher Moore posted a touching tribute on his Facebook Page. He praised the late author’s craft by saying, “Ray Bradbury made me aware of the art and craft of fiction, and soon thereafter I realized that I wanted to be that guy, the teller of stories. To this day, I will look to his stories for clues for how to better perform my craft.” Moore went on to share a story of hearing Bradbury speak for the first time at a writer’s conference in 1982, Bradbury’s “sort of, “isn’t it cool! isn’t it amazing!? aren’t we lucky!?” way of talking about writing.”

The last part of this nearly brought me to tears. Because we are lucky, so very lucky to be a part of this writing world. And we blessed to have had a voice and genius like Ray Bradbury. I leave you with a link to my favorite of his fiction writings, “The Green Morning.” Note how he plays with the conventional images of natural beauty and the Johnny Appleseed myth. Or just enjoy the beauty of his imagery.

Until next time  . . .

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