Practical Crafts: Plastic Bottle Birdfeeder

We are lucky enough to have some beautiful wild birds that frequent our trees. This week we made a feeder for them. I saw a number of ways to do this on varying websites. We went simple and easy.


1 plastic bottle with cap (we used an empty juice bottle)

Craft knife or something for punching holes

1 unsharpened pencil (you can use a dowel rod or wooden spoon as well)

1 piece of scratch paper

Bird food

Twine or wire

Optional: Paint, stickers, etc.



  1. Thoroughly wash out the bottle and lid and allow to air dry over night (this prevents leaving behind things that might spoil the birdseed).
  2. Optional: Allow your child to decorate the bottle with waterproof paint or stickers. Liliana went nuts with neon paint. Let dry.
  3. Using the craft knife, cut a hole big enough for the pencil to fit through two or three inches from the bottom of the bottle (depending on the size of your bottle). Cut a parallel hole on the opposite side of the bottle. Feed the pencil through the holes so that you have a little perch on each side of the bottle.
  4. Cut a hole about one inch above the perch. You want it to be big enough that the birds can fit their beaks in but not so big that the seed falls out. Repeat above the other perch.
  5. Using the piece of paper, create a funnel and fill the feeder with seed. Fasten the lid tightly.
  6. Wrap the twine or wire around the neck of the bottle, just under the cap. Secure it on both sides to make a handle.
  7. Hang your bird feeder!

*This picture shows the original yarn we used. However, I was afraid with our high winds that it wouldn’t hold. So we replaced it with twine.


This was a lovely weekend morning activity that my daughter was so proud of. Visit us again next Thursday to see what we’ve been crafting!



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