Feel the Heat: The Summer Game Plan

Back from my romp with commercial cruising, I am looking at the months stretching before me, wondering what to do with myself. (Aside from teaching my online classes starting next week.) The possibilities are endless, so I have to consider what do I really want/need to accomplish right now.

  1. I’ve got to finish cleaning and organizing my house. That in itself is a month long project. My hope to get my kids involved along the way. Liliana and I are currently planning an upcycle/recycle craft day every week to find new uses for some of our old things.
  2. Cooking is still daunting on many levels to me, but I find it easier with the more I do it. I have also decided to go vegan in June, presenting all new challenges. It’s exciting.
  3. Walking was once the way a cleared my head. It needs to be part of my schedule again.
  4. Reading! My summer reading stack is growing as I type this!
  5. Writing, not just my blogs, but my professional work as well. Last summer I knocked out several pieces that I believe are some of my best.

What does all this mean for Generation Cake? Projects, recipes, and who knows what else. Stay tuned!

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