Ginger Pop: The Censorship Games

The Baraza

By Amber Kelly-Anderson

Each year the American Library Association (ALA) releases a list of the most challenged books of the year. For those who don’t speak censorship, challenging a book means writing a formal complaint against a library or school asking that a book be taken off shelves because of the content. Banned, if you prefer the term.

This year’s Top Ten includes some old favorites (Brave New World and To Kill a Mockingbird) alongside some newer entries whose pop culture relevance makes them targets (Gossip Girl and The Hunger Games). I will not pretend to understand why To Kill a Mockingbird was the number 10 most challenged book of 2011 (the complaint lists “offensive language and racism”–interpret that as you will). The Harry Potter series didn’t break the top ten this year, a surprise considering that there is a woman who makes a yearly event…

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One thought on “Ginger Pop: The Censorship Games

  1. This reblog comes from my weekly Pop Culture column on The Baraza. As it deals with Book Banning, I thought it would serve well here.

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