Wish Fulfillment

After crafting my “Wish List” two weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about a number of the things on that list. And the question that I keep coming back to is, why not? Why not do some of those things? Certainly some of them are not within my grasp (20 puppies and a pot-bellied pig unfortunately); however, there are some that can be readily accomplished, and others that just require an investment over time. And so in April I will

-Make a compromise with my vegan wishes and cheese love in becoming a vegetarian (again). I was a vegetarian through most of high school and college (roughly five years). Due to anemia I ended up adding in meats again, but I feel now I have a better grasp of vegetarian proteins. The bigger challenge of this is that I would like to attempt to switch my children to a primarily vegetarian diet. This is not to say that I will deprive them of things they need for a balanced diet. Rather, I would like to encourage more varied eating of beneficial, healthy foods. Technically I suppose we will be Octo-Lavo as I think eggs and some dairy (along with soy) are good for my kiddos. Pescatarian (fish eaters) is also an option we would consider.

-Begin making a better world for my children at home by cleaning, purging, and organizing my home. Looking around, I am too young to cling to this much stuff. So it’s time for Spring Cleaning x10. Trash, donate, repair–three possible destinations for all this clutter. Then maybe I won’t have to use http://www.wheresmycellphone.com twice a week (although in my defense, one time Alex put it in a trash bag).

It’s only two things, but I think these are big steps toward making some of my wishes reality. So check back throughout the month updates, recipes, pictures, tips, and confessions.

Got any tips or recipes, Cakesters? Thoughts in general? What wish can you fulfill today?



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