Kiss Off, Part One

After a week of gooey love letters, I feel it’s time to recognize when it’s time to go separate ways. I have never been a fan of public (or technology based) break ups, but sometimes that’s what it calls for. I present a week Dear John Letters.

Dear Katherine Heigl,

I first knew you on Roswell. You were pretty, although at first I thought you were Saffron Burrows. But I liked you and I liked your character. Time passed and you popped up on Grey’s Anatomy and in Knocked Up. While I didn’t think you were a stellar actress, I thought you were good.

What got me was your public life–you seemed smart, articulate, and honest. When you called out Knocked Up as being sexist, I saw your point and appreciated your bluntness. When you refused a nomination for Grey’s because you thought the material was weak for your character, I was impressed that you would acknowledge what everyone had been saying all season. You seemed spunky and you called people on the roles for women. I dug it. I was excited to see what you would do next.

While I will admit that 27 Dresses wasn’t bad, everything that followed was. The same woman who called out things as sexist and poorly written was starring in a rinse repeat of a shrill, up tight, caricature of an independent woman in spectacularly bad romantic comedies like The Ugly Truth, The Killers, and Life As We Know It. You left Grey’s to do these movies. Please don’t tell me it was for the material. I’m not a dumb B character from one of those movies.

I’ve held out patiently, waiting for your to fulfill your potential, but I can’t do it anymore. Not only have you settled for playing the same degrading harpy over and over, you have given over to scripts that are just plain stupid. As an intelligent, outspoken woman, I thought you showed potential to make interesting career choices and perhaps even demanding those things in the scripts you took. Sadly, it looks like things aren’t meant to be that way. I’m sorry, Katherine, I wish you the best, but I don’t even think we can remain friends.



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