Love Letters, Part Sept

Dear Endlessly Patient, Wonderful Readers of This Frequently Rambling Blog,

My heart leaps up that in the past year and a half, I have had so many of you show interest in what little I have to say. You post comments, message me, link my blog, follow me, bring up specific posts in conversation, Like, and come back week after week, never commenting on the proofing errors or something silliness of what I have to say. Since I was in third grade I wanted to be a writer. That I have a loyal group who read my meager offerings and seem to like it, makes me all toasty. I adore you readers, be you friends and family who feel obligated to read, or strangers who stumbled upon me and now follow my musings. Generation Cake was created for me to look into the abyss. Thanks for looking back. You complete the creative circle, Cakesters.

What? I have something in my eye.



PS. I’d like to take the opportunity to tease a little something I’ve been collaborating on. In just a few short weeks, a new community blog, The Baraza, will be launching. I will be featured among an amazing group of writers, journalists, academics, and intellectuals discussing a myriad of things. More to come!

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