Love Letters, Part Cinq

Dear Goat Cheese,

My fondness for cheese is well-documented. Never have I been one to play favorites, loving all cheeses with equal passion (except Velveeta because that isn’t cheese). I’ve melted over Brie and swooned at Stilton. No cheese rose to the top of my affections. That is until two years ago.

While I had certainly flirted with you before, goat cheese, I never knew the wonders you contained until I ordered the Goat Cheese Salad at Craftsteak. Naive, I assumed if would be some lovely greens with sprinkles of goat cheese. Instead, they brought me a hockey puck of fried goodness, rich and creamy, warm and ridiculous. Yes, it was so delicious it was literally ridiculous. I may have even cried.

And thus you became my heart’s true cheese love, goat cheese.



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