Love Letters, Part Trois

Dear Parenthetical Song Titles (Especially Meatloaf Song Titles),

It might be because I have a drama background that I love the use of parentheses. It’s like an aside for writers. They are certainly one of my nasty writing addictions. But perhaps what  I love more than using them myself is seeing them in song titles. That is where you come in, Parentheses Used in Song Titles.

It’s as if, caught up the moment of passion, the song declares itself and then backtracks to clarify itself. Meatloaf knows how to use you well:

I’d lie for you! He promises.

(And that’s the truth) Now we know he’s serious.


I Would do Anything for Love! You would?

(But I Won’t Do That) Well, never mind then.


You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth. When was that?

(Hot Summer Night) Oh, now I remember. I’ve gotta stop sniffing glue at night.


Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and the White Stripes are also fans of you, lovely parentheticals.

A Woman in Love. Really? With who?

(It’s Not Me) Then why are we even talking about it?


You Don’t Know What Love Is. I do too!

(You Just Do As You’re Told) You have a point there.


I’m Lonely. Me too!

(But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet) Suck!  You tricked me, Jack White!


You’re Pretty Good Looking. Thank you!

(For A Girl)While that still sounds mean, I’ll take it.


So maybe they are a bit meaner than Meatloaf with you, but my love for you can transcend the backhanded compliment, let down, and buried insult you can also imply. Sometimes you help bring me clarity:

Escape. Like by Janet Jackson? No, wait, that’s Escapade. What song are you?

(The Pina Colada Song) That song! I  do like Pina Coladas!


Sometimes you confuse me:

This Must Be the Place. Good, I’m tired of riding in the car.

(Naive Melody) So am I naive for believing we’ve found the place or are you naive for writing a song about it?


And sometimes you make me laugh and cry a little.

Good Riddance. Yay! I get to move on from something annoying!

(Time of Your Life) But now I’m going to romanticize that time and forget how really terrible it was! Waaah!


With this evidence, how can anyone not love you, Parentheses Used in Song Titles? You make the world a better place (And That’s The Truth).

(Don’t You) Forget About Me,






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