More examples of removing redundancies

On the topic of word choice that I broached yesterday, here is a lovely post on redundancies.

Live to Write - Write to Live

This post is an add-on to the one I wrote in August where I covered ten examples of redundancies and readers supplied a few of their own.

Here are some more redundant phrases, in bold, to keep in mind and keep out of your own writing.

1.  Many product landing pages going for the hard sell have “…and as an added bonus…“. It’s implied that a ‘bonus’ is in addition to the base product/service, so ‘added’ is extraneous.

2.  “She is not available at the present time.” ‘At present’ means ‘at this time,’ so you only need: “She is not available at this time.” Or even better: “She is not available now.”

3.  “The coyote is in close proximity to…” or “He is under close scrutiny.” Drop ‘close’ in both of these since proximity means ‘close in location,’ and scrutiny means ‘close study.’

4.  “My promotion came at a…

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